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Hand-Knotted Silk On Silk Rugs

Carpets that will look amazing in any part of your house! Carpet making in Kashmir is pure art and the quality depends upon the number of knots used in its making.

Why Kabaaf ?

We at are dedicated to showcase exquisite’s from the Kashmiri Carpets, we have been into manufacturing of Rugs since 1970 and are one of the industry pioneers. We custom design rugs and produce rugs in qualities ranging from 324 Knot/Sq Inch and as high as 4624 Knots/Sq Inch. Our Rugs are of top quality and we take pride in bringing the story behind each carpet to you. We at are an Artisan centric company on a mission to bring the life of Artisans to the people who buy their rugs in form of a Biography.

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