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Hand-knotted Silk On Cotton Rug
8 ft X 8 ft (Square)
Design:White Floral
Pure Mulberry Silk Pile with Cotton Base
Hand Knotted
KPSI: 18 x 18 = 324 (Knots per Square Inch)

Rug Type :- Area Rug

Welcome to, we are one of the pioneers in Kashmir Arts Industry making Hank-knotted Rugs since 1970.
A stunning hand Knotted Silk on Cotton rug is at display depicting the floral design. In gorgeous Colors, this rug boasts of creative colors and a classic art. Add life to your living room with the lively Oriental White floral design around.
The lovely combination of colors and design in this handmade marvel, is a must have in your home. Make your living space the fantasy filled abode of love, passion and urban class, wear your Floor in this classy rug and see the compliments flowing in.

A Kashmir Rug is a hand knotted masterpiece which is intricately designed, primarily in oriental floral styles in rich colors and patterns. Inspired by the beauty of this heavenly vale, the artisans generally weave the culturally and traditionally significant motifs like the Chinar and Paisley into these handcrafted pieces of art. Most of these patterns are a reflection of the warmth, beauty and love that Kashmir stands for.
The origin of hand knotted carpets locally known as “Kal baffi” dates back to 15th century after which it progressively attained the high degree of perfection. It is said that Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin brought carpet weavers from Persia and central Asia in to Kashmir to train the local inhabitants.
Carpets from 200 knots to 900 knots/sq. inch both in wool & silk yarn have attained such excellence that they rank amongst the finest in the world. The loom used in Kashmir carpet weaving is composed of two horizontal wooden beams between which the wrap threads are stretched, one beam in front of the weaver and the second behind the first. The difference between a carpet and other hand woven rugs lies in the fact that short lengths of the thread or yarn are tied to wrap chains to form the pile of the carpet. These are commonly called knots though it is a loop rather than an actual knot.

Carpets in 18×18, or 20×20 knots per sq. inch are commonly made in Kashmir. Some very fine silk carpets in different sizes have been created with density of knots as high as 3600 knots per sq. inch but these are rare Exhibits, of skill and mainly made for display or museum pieces.

The designs are reveals itself along the weft lines in wool or silk, while the warp is drawn in cotton. Quality and hence value, is determined by the number of knots to the square inch and fineness of the material used.

The master piece we have with us has been worked on by one of Kashmirs talented Artisans Mr Ghulam Mohammad, He dedicated 1 and half year of his life in making of this piece of art with 576 KPSI.
In a contemporary market, ancient traditions are kept alive through the art of weaving. You are supporting the local heritage by keeping weaving arts alive and in demand. In addition, the beautiful diversity of these handmade rugs from Kashmir adds a culturally rich element to your home decor.

Material : Warp : Silk , Weft: Cotton

Washing Instructions: Professional Carpet Cleaning Services only

Place of Origin: Kashmir (India)

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